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Upcoming Projects

2020 has been a very interesting year, to say the least. Between the pandemic and giving birth to my first baby, it has been the most stationary roller coaster I have ever experienced. The pandemic put a damper on basically everything I had planned to do, that being said, I have a few things in the works, slowly but surely. As I make progress on the projects, I will post more info!

International Horn Society Annual Symposium

This year the IHS has decided to present this year’s symposium virtually between August 9-13, which I am super excited to be a part of their lecture offerings. I will be sharing my “Practice Room Yoga” class as a prerecorded event. This class will show you how to utilize the small space of a practice room, or really, any space you practice in, to prepare yourself to play. This will include some meditation, breathing exercises, and poses that will help to get you mentally and physically in the game to play, or perform. This is one aspect of a larger ongoing yoga project I have been working through, and am looking forward to sharing it with everyone.

If you cannot make the time that my video will be released, that is OK, all videos and livestreams will be available to view when you are ready. For more information on how to register for the symposium, go to If you are not already a member of IHS and would like know more, you can head over to, or send me a message through my contact page, I’ll be happy to help.

NACWPI Conference October 2021

I will be presenting on, Anatomy of Breath: Understanding your body and performing at your peak, at the NACWPI conference taking place in October at Texas Woman’s University. Come learn how breathing works (it’s not just about the lungs!) and experience some exercises that can help get you back into an efficient breathing pattern.

I will also be performing with Rivermist Ensemble. We will be performing Adam Scott Neal’s 75/85 and Nicole Chamberlain’s The Blue Plate, both pieces are for flute, horn, and piano.

Past Events

*Dr. Abigail Pack and I co-hosted another NC Horn Day at UNCG in February 2019, Create Your Future. This day was packed with guest artists Rachel Hockenberry from Illinois State University and sharing her experience as an active freelancer and with El Sistema; Tracy Friedlander, creator and host of Crushing Classical; and Alise Oliver, author of Trust Your Step: How a Leap of Faith Led to an Amazing Adventure. Our guests artists shared some of their secrets and experiences on how they made the life they wanted, whether teaching or podcasting, or writing. This was one of the most empowering workshops I have been a part of, and cannot wait to host another event like this! 

*International Horn Society friends, Abigail Pack and I hosted NC Horn Day at University of North Carolina Greensborough on March 3, 2018. This day was filled with masterclasses, performances, and horn choirs! Christopher Caudill and Rachel Niketopoulos are our special guest artists for the day! Mark your calendars, this is a day not to miss!

*I had so much fun with taking my dissertation research on my Improvisational Approach, on the road to universities last Fall, that I am going back on tour in late January to visit a few more schools. I will introduce the Improvisational Approach in lectures and masterclasses. Dates and locations have been announced, find the details under “upcoming performances”.

**For those interested, the collaborative CD between the Chamber Cartel and Adam Scott Neal is still available. The album is ready for download ($8) at the Bandcamp link below. For physical copies, please send $12 via Paypal to, and leave your address in the note. CD is $10 at live Chamber Cartel shows.
***If you enjoy the piece and would like the score, you can find it here: